Alison Fraser, Tom Hewitt, Jeff Hiller, Kimberly Immanuel, Derek Smith, Raphael Nash Thompson, Lenny Wolpe, Karen Ziemba

Author: George Bernard Shaw
Director: David Staller
Producer: Gingold Theatrical Group
Press Agent: David Gersten & Associates


The Lion Theatre
8/28/18 – 9/29/18
Tickets: $69


Heartbreak House

Heartbreak House: with Shaw’s most ardent plea for resistance and persistence in the face of adversity, Gingold Theatrical Group takes this comedic masterpiece and transports us to the basement of a famed London theatre in 1940 where a company of actors perform the play while waiting for the all-clear siren from the Blitz raging above.

In this new adaptation of Shaw’s infamous WWI comedy, it’s September 1940, the first days of the London Blitz. In the middle of a performance at the Ambassador’s Theatre, the warning sirens have sounded and the cast and audience have sought shelter in the theatre’s basement. While waiting for the all-clear sirens to sound, the cast performs Shaw’s most vital paean to resistance and perseverance against tyranny, Heartbreak House. Inspired by actual events during the WWII’s darkest days, this revelatory approach will make Shaw’s masterpiece more timely than ever.

Heartbreak House brings a wildly disparate group of people together in the English countryside over a September weekend to make major decisions about their future. No stone is left unturned as the characters are forced to come to terms with their pasts while finding a way to move forward in the face of the coming crisis.

One of Shaw’s most beloved comedies, Heartbreak House challenges us to wake up and to live our lives as fully as we can. Life is short. The tiger is at the gates. Together we can overcome all obstacles! This multi-award winning play has not been seen in New York in over twelve years and the time has never been more perfect to share Shaw’s inspired wit and rascality. See the play in which the The New York Times perceived “spells of poetry and mysticism, as well as some of the author’s wildest comic flights.”