Christopher Lloyd, Kate Abbruzzese, Cynthia Darlow, Redman Maxfield


Author: Sean O’Leary
Director: Kathleen Butler
Producer: Triumvirate Artists
Press Agent: Nicholas & Lence Communications

The Lion Theatre
10/4/18 – 10/28/18
Tickets: $71.25


Christopher Lloyd stars as Ezra Pound.

This play captures Ezra Pound’s remaining days at St. Elizabeths Psychiatric Hospital where he is confronted by Ann Polley, a young psychiatrist who aspires to help the man who has been labeled “incurable”. Pound dismisses her, as he has done with previous psychiatrists, but when he learns of his eminent release, he experiences an inexplicable dread that drives him to Ann for help. Ann embarks on a course of treatment that, at first, seems merely peculiar and perhaps justified given the short time she has to work. However, her techniques soon become disturbing, visiting extreme guilt upon Pound for a lifetime of manipulation and abuse. Then, after reducing Pound to almost childlike vulnerability, Ann reveals her true purpose. 

Christopher Lloyd gives an extraordinary performance as Ezra Pound, a man who was a master of words and whose intricate poetry changed the literary world. Pound is a surprising human drama, but it is also a play about the power of words. At a time when tweets and posts rain down on us like Niagara Falls, Pound serves as a reminder that what we say and what we write can have dire and irrevocable consequences.