Orlando Pabotoy


Author: Orlando Pabotoy
Director: Richard Feldman
Producer: Ma-Yi Theater Company
Press Agent: Sam Rudy Media Relations

The Beckett Theatre
10/20/18 – 11/1/18
Tickets: $30-$42.25


Ma-Yi Theater Company presents Orlando Pabotoy’s world premiere of Sesar, a young boy’s journey through the words and meaning of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, directed by Richard Feldman.

Sesar depicts the story of a teenage Filipino boy, who having just watched an excerpt of Julius Caesar on The Cosby Show, locks himself in the only family bathroom to dive head first into the world of ancient Rome, determined to make sense of Shakespeare’s words. Eventually, the boy’s father, an ex-politician, joins the boy in the bathroom. Using his own political experiences to help explain the life of Caesar, a father lovingly instructs his young son about power, ambition, and well, life.