Author: Jennifer Blackmer
Director: Kathryn Macmillan
Producer: Mary J. Davis & MBL Productions

The Clurman Theatre
9/1/18 – 9/22/18
Tickets: $49


Unraveled is an Off-Broadway play about time, space, memory… and the tangle of life. 

Joy, a professor of philosophy and physics, has spent her life pursuing ways to explain space and time. But her theories haven’t prepared her for a heart-rending reality: illness has transformed her glamorous, quick-witted mother, George, into a woman she doesn’t recognize….and who cannot recognize Joy. Struggling with the pressures of career, caregiving, and impending loss, Joy hires Anna, a hospice nurse, to help. But as George develops a unique bond with Anna, Joy feels her mother slipping even further away. When time and space start to work against her, can Joy keep everything from unraveling?